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Allison Miller founded Equine Originals to deliver innovative horse care solutions to the equine industry.
"By combining our unique talents, experiences and backgrounds, we were able to harness our creative energy in fostering innovation for the care and benefit of today’s equine owners and care professionals".
Equine Horse Feeder

The Original Mowl® Horse Feeder is the first innovation in horse care developed by Equine Originals.

"It is our cornerstone creation that supports the belief that horses can live a longer and healthier life with the right tools, care, nutrition and lifestyle."

"While this creation was conceptualized to solve a specific challenge in the treatment of a colicky pony, further research and development validated that it provided a solution to universal challenges in ground feeding domestic equine and in delivering natural benefits and advantages that aren’t afforded by other types of horse feeding devices".

"At Equine Originals, we continue our pursuit by developing meaningful solutions in equine care. We currently have several new derivatives of The Original Mowl® Horse Feeder in development in addition to a series of horse supplements, equine care tools and horse stable supplies that will be available in the near future to further support your horse care needs."

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