Equine Originals is based in the beautiful Santa Rosa Valley in Southern California.

Allison Miller-Betancourt has been a horse fanatic and animal lover since she was a toddler growing up in a small town in the Upper Perkiomen Valley located in Pennsylvania.  She moved to Northern California at the age of 19 and has worked in the horse world spanning from Northern to Southern California ever since.

When pregnant with her second child she walked into the barn aisle just as the fly spray system turned on and quickly ran out.  Thinking to herself  "I wish there was a safe and natural repellent that actually worked."  Then she began educating herself, reading labels and found so many of the equine product she and her fellow horse lovers were using were not safe for humans to be handling without latex gloves or even breathing in!  

So the journey began and continues to as we grow our company and product line to ensure non-toxic products are available for horse lovers.