Raising Awareness

We Care About Corral Riding Academy!

About Corral Riding Academy

Equine Originals Horse Care donates its products directly to Corral Riding Academy.  Coral Riding Academy, founded in 2008 serves at-risk girls who have experienced trauma and abuse and is a long-term preventative diversion which aspires to shepherd girls with the highest risk through their difficult middle and high school years and into college.

 “We don’t just come here and pet horses,” said Joy Currey, founder of Corral, “Horses are idiosyncratic, with their own personalities. Learning to work in collaborative relationship with them is difficult for young women who have been in submissive, or aggressive, relationships. At some point the girls recognize that they’ve got to try if they want to change — if they want life to change.”  Currey holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College.  She was deeply influenced by her experiences as a teacher with Teach for America, where she saw the effects of poverty and trauma on children’s success.

"Her Soul is Fierce...her Heart is Brave..
her Mind is Strong"